We design, build and audit decentralized systems



We design, build and audit

We specialize in Ethereum work and we are known for our technical excellence

Smart contract security audits

We perform in-depth analyses of smart contract code in order to help clients increase their confidence in the proper functioning of their system. We identify security issues and business logic faults in addition to ensuring the application of best practices. Our process consists of a manual and meticulous review which is supplemented with various code analysis tools. We deliver an exhaustive noise-free report that outlines every issue found alongside suggested solutions.

Blockchain software development

We develop software that makes reliable and efficient use of decentralized networks. Dapps, SDKs, CLI tooling, monitoring, infrastructure libraries, and protocol front-ends are projects where our expertise will show.

Smart contract development

We develop Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity while applying state of the art best practices. Nomic Labs has been developing blockchain software while specializing in security since 2015. This experience ensures that we deliver code that stands out for the quality of its design, clarity, and ease of auditing.

Architecture design and review

We design and review software architectures for decentralized systems. Our designs minimize trust, reduce and compartmentalize attack surface, and optimize maintainability and efficiency.



Buidler is an extensible developer tool that helps Solidity developers increase their productivity by reliably bringing together the tools they want. Funded by the Ethereum Foundation.


A peer-to-peer network that maintains a decentralized double auction order book.